Catherine Palarca

(The Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation plc), Scheme Secretary

Catherine became Scheme Secretary to the Trustees in October 2017, following the Trustees’ decision to change provider for this service. Whilst taking the minutes of meeting forms an important part of her duties, it is equally important to ensure that the Scheme’s Trustees and advisers are aware of their actions following meetings. She therefore considers this to be a continuous process which does not simply end when a meeting concludes. As Scheme Secretary, she also has a part under the Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure and is a point of contact for members.

Catherine enjoys working with pension trustees and supporting them where possible to help achieve their objectives. Deadlines feature hugely and she takes pride in ensuring meeting papers are circulated in good time to enable trustees to read the material, as this in turn ensures well informed discussions at meetings.

Catherine represents Law Debenture, having joined in 2011. She has involvement on a variety of pension schemes, including DB, DC, hybrid schemes, and EFRBS. She also provides assistance on governance issues and with sole trustee clients. Catherine has also worked on a number of schemes in wind-up, and has successfully seen them to their conclusion. Before joining Law Debenture she spent 10 years working with the trustees of the TfL Pension Fund, managing the secretariat’s service to their trustee board and committees.

When she is not working on pension matters, she spends time with her family and enjoys time outside city life.